Roberto Costumero

Assistant Professor / Post-doc Researcher

Data Analytics
Oct. 2013  -  Mar. 2018


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Assistant Professor and Post-doc researcher at MIDAS (Data Mining and Simulation) research group based at Center of Biomedical Technology of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). His research areas are Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data Analytics. He helds a PhD. in Software, Systems and Computing and a degree in Computer Science Engineering (5 year programme) by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He has more than 10 years in web development and had previously worked as a freelance in that field. He has also experience in Agile Development and as a manager of a four team development team for more than a year working for UPM headquarters. He has also an entrepreneurial mind and was awarded in ActúaUPM in 2007 as one of the best ideas in the competition and has taken part in the Spring edition 2011 in Tetuan Valley, two of the main entrepreneur environments in Madrid.