Cajal Blue Brain



2008 - 2018   Ongoing


Nowadays, our knowledge on the nervous system in general, and on the brain in particular, is the result of the collective work of many scientists. In spite of this, investigations of Santiago Ramon y Cajal contributed decisively to the creation of the scientific frame for the origin of modern neuroscience. In fact, the come out of Cajal in the neuroscience framework led to a radical change in the course of the history of this discipline. Unlike other leading researchers, Cajal not only carried out a great discovery, but also he made many important contributions to the knowledge of the structure and function of the nervous system, mainly, to the microanatomical cerebral cortex. So, in honor to Cajal, the Spanish participation within the International Blue Brain Project (BBP) is performed under the name Cajal Blue Brain Project (CajalBBP).