Social data and medical data analytics special track

IEEE Computer-Based Medical Systems 2019 (CBMS 2019)

IMIBIC (Instituto Maimónides de Investigación Biomédica de Córdoba) of Córdoba, Spain, June 5-7, 2019


Special track on Social data and medical data analytics

IEEE Computer-Based Medical Systems 2019 (CBMS 2019)

The growing availability and accessibility of key health-related data resources and the rapid proliferation of technological developments in data analytics is helping to extract the power of these datasets to improve diagnosis, shorten the time to market of drugs, help in early outbreak detection, improve education of healthcare professionals and reduce costs to name but a few.

Extracting the knowledge to make this a reality is still a daunting task: on the one hand, data sources are not integrated, they contain private information and are not structured. On the other hand, we still lack context- and privacy-aware algorithms to extract the knowledge after a proper curation and enrichment of the datasets.

The aim of this special track is to attract papers regarding the design, construction, use and analysis of computer-based medical systems that put emphasis in the data provided by social environments.

To see a list topics of interest please go to Call for Papers page.